The Buffalo Bills and their fans have plenty to complain about after officiating on 'Monday Night Football' screwed the team out of three points at the end of the first half. Two disastrously bad calls resulted in a missed Dan Carpenter field goal that would have had a huge impact on the game. And that's not all the officials hurt. Dan Carpenter's wife was particularly upset with Richard Sherman after the cornerback went after the legs of the Bills kicker. And that play wasn't even called unnecessary roughness! The failure to call that play sparked outrage among Bills fans and resulted in a response from the Buffalo Bills organization.

The Buffalo Bills Respond to the NFL.

It's great to see that the team isn't afraid to call out officials for missing a call. But it does become a little easier when the senior vice president of NFL officiating agrees with you. Here's the Tweet from the organization.

You have to admit that this is pretty cool even if you aren't a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Any team bold enough to post something like this is either too angry at the NFL to care what happens or just interested in seeing the refs be held accountable for their mistakes. It doesn't do much good now, but Walt Anderson and his crew won't even have an opportunity to blow games in week 10 of the regular season.

But the fans and organization weren't the only ones who saw the unfair treatment on 'Monday Night Football.'

NFL Officiating Called Out on Twitter.

Steve Smith had perhaps of the funniest Tweet of the season earlier today when he recognized that the Buffalo Bills might be the only team in the NFL without anybody at 100%.

And he wasn't the only NFL star to call another player out. Even Rob Gronkowski wasn't too happy with the way the first half ended on Monday night.

I don't really think the Tweet needs any explanation. Gronkowski saw the play and immediately reacted the way anybody who isn't a Seahawks fan would. Those people who didn't realize that the officiating at the end of the game was incorrect look a little bit like these referees.

Bills fans can only hope that the NFL will actually look at this game and decide to fix a product that is obviously declining in quality. But it's far more likely that nothing will happen as the game fades away in the minds of NFL fans. But us Bills fans will never forget the consistently bad officiating that the team has had to put up with for its entire playoff drought.

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