When Novak Djokovic announced in late September that he would miss the 2016 China Open, I felt that it created very real potential for Andy Murray to claim the World No. 1 ranking. Writing on September 28th at MovieTVTechGeeks, I offered the following prognostication: "Novak Djokovic made an...announcement...he won’t be participating in next week’s China Open. The injury may in fact make the race for the year-end World No. 1 ranking interesting." That "interesting" race is largely over as Andy Murray claimed top spot on tour with major promise to finish the year that way. As a result numerous streaks of Djokovic's will halt in their tracks on Monday.

Streaks that will end for Novak Djokovic

Djokovic could reclaim the World No. 1 ranking. After all he is still just 29-years-old and players of comparable talent have regained the World No. 1 ranking after the age of 30. Those include Roger Federer and Andre Agassi. Djokovic would need to be healthier than he has been in 2017 in order to put a full season of results together. However, for the time being all of the following streaks are over.

  • Djokovic has been ranked as the World No. 1 player every week since July 7th, 2014 for a total of 122 straight weeks
  • Djokovic's total weeks at the top, including totals from previous reigns, will halt at 223 weeks for the time being

Djokovic's streaks in historical context

Novak Djokovic's 122 straight weeks as the World No.

1 is incredibly impressive. Only three other players have enjoyed lengthier runs at the top. According to the ATPWorldTour.com's archives they are Ivan Lendl (157), Jimmy Connors (160), and Roger Federer (237). Those records are likely out of reach for Djokovic now following the loss of top spot coming up on Monday.

After all, consecutive weeks at No. 1 is a very fragile streak as just one lost week means going back to zero. Even if Djokovic was to regain No. 1 to surpass Lendl he would have to hold top spot for practically three straight years, something that just isn't realistic any longer for the aging star.

However, if Djokovic returns to tour healthy then he could certainly regain the top ranking from Murray. In doing so the Serb could add dozens of weeks to his cumulative total still. From that point of view hesits behind four players, including the trio mentioned above. Additional to Lendl (270 total weeks as No. 1), Connors (268), and Federer (302), Djokovic has spent less weeks at No. 1 than Pete Sampras (286) as well.

Looking forward the Serb's seems a little fuzzy right now, because he has clearly played below his standard pretty much since winning the French Open in June. That's not to say that there haven't been highlights since then however, I think winning Roland Garros took a lot of the Serbinator.

This is a player that needs the off-season more than most and I partly wonder if he'll skip the ATP World Tour Finals to focus on a strong return at the 2017 Australian Open-- as a projected No. 2 seed.

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