On Tuesday night, NHL fans finally got the first glimpse of what the 31st franchise in the league would be called, and part of it came as a shocker: the Vegas Golden Knights. The team will begin play in the Western Conference next season.

The Vegas Golden Knights

The logo, mascot, and name of the team was introduced to fans during a ceremony outside of the team's T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip. The team's official colors will be steel grey, gold, red and black. Owned by Bill Foley, the team will join the NHL's Western Conference next season.

The Golden Knights will be the first professional sports franchise located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Professional sports leagues have typically eschewed the city in the past due to its ties to the gambling industry. With gambling becoming more popular and moving towards legalization, though, leagues are beginning to embrace the city's identity. The NFL's Oakland Raiders have been in negotiations to move to the city in the coming years, while the NBA hosts its annual Summer League in Las Vegas.

Analysis of reveal, competitive balance issues

While the reveal of the Golden Knights was fun, the name is a bit hard to swallow. The city is called "Las Vegas," not "Vegas," so its extremely tempting to add the nonexistent "Las" at the beginning of the name. Then again, the "Las Vegas Golden Knights" is an obscenely long name in itself.

There is some precedent in the other direction, as many franchises are called the "Tampa Bay" team name, even though the city of origin is simply "Tampa."

As for the actual impact in the NHL, the Golden Knights will help restore some competitive balance to the league...eventually. The biggest embarrassment for the NHL is that there are more teams in the Eastern Conference than the Western Conference, but that will still be the case in 2017-18 unless another expansion team enters the league.

Additionally, the Vegas Golden Knights will largely be playing with young players and cast-offs to start off, so it will take a while for the franchise to find success on the ice.

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