On Thursday night, the NFL will return for the first time since the country elected Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. While many in the country have shared their feelings about the controversial decision, the return of Football will provide a sense of normalcy for a shaken democracy. Here's a preview for the Thursday night and early Sunday afternoon games of Week 10.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens, Thursday 8:25 ET

Cleveland is the worst team in the NFL, bar none. But these Thursday night games always have the potential to shake things up due to teamss lack of preparation for them.

Baltimore should hold on, but it could be much closer than people expect. Ravens 24, Browns 19

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday 1:00 ET

To keep up with one of the most electric offenses in the NFL, the Eagles are going to have to get themselves in a shootout. With the regression to the norm for rookie Carson Wentz and a lack of offensive pieces, that just doesn't seem possible. Falcons 31, Eagles 20

Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday 1:00 ET

These two teams are battling it out for NFL dormancy, and the Bears currently have the advantage in the standings. Neither one of these teams have incentive to win, but Tampa Bay will pull it off to avoid further embarrassment in front of their fans.

Buccaneers 16, Bears 14

Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints, Sunday 1:00 ET

The classic football battle between an elite defense and an elite offense. These games always come down to the teams' weakest links, and the Denver offense is much better than the New Orleans defense, even if Trevor Siemian has been struggling of late.

Broncos 21, Saints 20

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans, Sunday 1:00 ET

The Packers are suddenly reeling, appearing less and less like a playoff team every week. A game in Tennessee may be the last chance to save their season -- if they lose this game, it could spell the eventual end of coach Mike McCarthy.

Packers 23, Titans 14

Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers, Sunday 1:00 ET

The Chiefs are clearly the better team this season, make no mistake about it. But for the past several years, the Panthers have been a team that doesn't start to soar until the second half of the NFL season. Cam Newton has his back to the wall -- this is his chance to salvage a crippling year. Panthers 27, Chiefs 21

Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets, Sunday 1:00 ET

Another game between two teams looking to play out the stretch. Both of these teams would benefit from rethinking their philosophy at this point of the season -- the Rams should stop playing NFL-worst quarterback Case Keenum and see what they have in Jared Goff, while the Jets should cut their losses with Ryan Fitzpatrick and put Bryce Petty/Christian Hackenberg out there.

Jets 13, Rams 10

Minnesota Vikings at Washington, Sunday 1:00 ET

Minnesota is stuck in neutral for the first time this season, going from having the best record in the NFL to playing some poor football all-around. This is the week where Kirk Cousins proves whether or not he'll be worth the money Washington is prepared to pay him. Washington 24, Vikings 23

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday 1:00 ET

What fun would a preview be without at least one upset? Jacksonville hasn't been playing good football lately, but the AFC South can't possibly have a team with a winning record at the end of the season, so Houston is destined to take an unnecessary loss this weekend. Jaguars 23, Texans 16

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