The NFL has done it again. Their inconsistent treatment from everything to domestic violence policies to Tom Brady suspensions has carried into their ruling after a disaster of a 'Monday Night Football' game. And what was that ruling? A refusal to discipline the officials responsible for several botched calls that could have cost the Buffalo Bills a win.

The Plays in Question.

The major problems came at the end of the first half with three seconds left. The Bills got into field goal range and had just three seconds left to put an additional three points on the board. Richard Sherman jumped offsides on the first attempt and very clearly roughed the kicker.

Unfortunately the referees refused to throw a flag, something that Dean Blandino later admitted was a mistake.

The second problem came on the play directly after, when the referees failed to reset the play clock after standing over the ball for far too long. Carpenter made the field goal on this play, but the officials incorrectly called a delay of game penalty. Three points were wiped off the board, points that would have been hugely beneficial later in the game.

Gross Incompetence.

The problem here wasn't a misinterpretation of the rules. It was actually just gross incompetence on the part of the officiating crew and head referee Walt Anderson, who refused to admit that roughing the kicker should have been called on the field goal at the end of the first half.

Really? Your senior vice president of officiating says that you were wrong and you still refuse to admit it?

And a failure to reset the play clock is even worse. It not only shows the inability of Walt Anderson's crew to follow the rules but also demonstrates that they don't even have a working knowledge of them.

How can these officials still be employed in the NFL when they don't even know the rules? And what happened to the crew instead?

Disciplinary Action.

The one person who actually did get fined for the play was Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, who was fined about $9K for his unnecessary roughness on Dan Carpenter.

After an admission of guilt by the NFL, you would have expected some discipline for the officiating crew. Instead nothing actually happened.

Walt Anderson's crew will not be participating in week 10 as part of the NFL's original scheduling. The crew will be downgraded appropriately, meaning that there is a lower chance they will referee a playoff game this season. But is that really a sufficient penalty for a crew that doesn't even know the rules?

If I were in charge of the officiating crews, Anderson and his band of officials wouldn't referee another game for the entirety of the 2016 season. Any crew that waits until four seconds are left on the play clock to get off the ball should be characterized as incompetent.

Crews like this don't deserve another chance and should simply be suspended for the rest of the NFL season.

A Need for Full Time Officials.

The NFL makes enough money to have officials who actually know the rules in each game. Monday night's Bills Seahawks game should serve as a reminder that the NFL should have full time officials who are dedicated to the game. And it's not like the NFL couldn't afford it.

But it appears that the NFL will be simply content to hand down no discipline and continue to screw over teams like the Bills with referees who don't actually know the rules.

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