The New York Knicks fell to the Utah Jazz, at Madison Square Garden,by a final score of 114-109. The Knicks got off to a good start, with Kristaps Porzingisscoring 14 points in the first quarter. He would finish the game with 28 points and 8 rebounds.Another star was Carmelo Anthony, who scored 28 points, shooting 12/20 from the field. Porzingis and Anthony led the way for New York. Even though New Yorkled for most of the game, theKnicks'failed to provide good defense in the fourth quarter. That eventually led to their downfall, the team failed to close out the UtahJazz, as they now fall to 2-4 on the season.

Gordon Hayward makes his season debut

For the Utah Jazz, Gordon Hayward returned to the squad. He suffereda finger fracture on his left hand, before the start of the season. Hayward made his official season debut. He finished the game with 28 points, shooting a perfect 14-14, from the three throw line.George Hill added 23 points and 9 assists. The Jazz held on for the five point win, in a tightly contested fourth quarter. Having Hayward back on the team is definitely a good sign for the Utah Jazz.

What can we take away from New York's loss on Sunday?

From an offensive standpoint, the Knicks' are beginning to find their rhythm. The chemistry between Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis will only improve with time.

They worked on improving the pick-and-roll together, during the offseason.Seeing them play well,in the first quarter, was undoubtedly a good sign. The team is still trying to learn and adjust to the triangle offense. Jeff Hornacek, the head coach of the Knicks, admits that the players don't necessarily like playing with this offensive strategy.

Hornacek still intends onthe Knicks playing with more pace and energy. It's too early to make any serious judgments from these first six games. The team is still getting adjusted to playing with newly acquired players, like Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, from the Chicago Bulls. As the season rolls along, the Knicks will begin to find their groove.

The talent is there, but the Knicks must improve on defense, judging by this disappointing performance.

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