Behind their impeccable defensive line, the New York Giants win at home against the turbulent Cincinnati Bengals, 21-20. This game had many high points and dry streaks, but it was a game decided at the line of scrimmage. But don't let the score sheet fool you because this game was definitely in control of the Giants. However, big plays and a decent defense on Cincy kept them in it.

Giant D-line

The Giants recorded 3 sacks against Andy Dalton, but that stat line, while impressive, doesn't give the Giants justice. Cincinnati simply had no answer from their offensive line, letting D-linemen fly past them to hit Dalton.

The Bengals' redheaded quarterback is definitely going to feel the pain from this game tomorrow. When Cincinnati can't give their QB enough time to find A.J. Green or Tyler Eifert, they can't give their team a chance to win. But don't count out the Bengals.

Big play Bengals

Cincinnati was kept alive thanks to two monumental plays in this Monday Night Football game. The first was an early Bengals drive where Dalton connected with Eifert for a 71-yard pass play. Eventually that led to a Green touchdown catch from Dalton. Besides that and a few field goals, the Giants were great at containing the elusive Dalton and forcing plenty of punts in the 1st half. The second big play was on the opening kick-off in the 2nd half, an 84-yard kick return that set the Bengals up quite nicely in the red zone.

Next, Jeremy Hill waltzes into the end zone giving Cincy the 17-14 lead. But besides those two plays and their field goals from kicker Mike Nugent, the Bengals were non-existent on offense. Why? The Giant's defensive line.

The Bengals ended up giving up the lead on a 4th and goal on their 3-yard line, with 14 minutes still remaining in the 4th quarter.

Both teams would go on to throw interceptions and settle for punts for the rest of the game, sealing the deal 21-20. This game lived up to my initial expectations, however I thought the Giants would cover the spread at -2. With the win tonight, the Giants are sitting at 6-3 and are looking forward to a chance for a playoff run with a wildcard spot

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