The Nebraska Football coaches have been hard at work hitting the recruiting trail now that the regular season is over. Wide receivers appear to be a rather big focus during this recruiting cycle, with a couple of new scholarship offers coming to light in the last few days. Earlier this week, the coaching staff went after an Ohio athlete named Lynn Bowden. On Monday night, the team offered a scholarship to Texas native Gavin Holmes. The interesting thing about Holmes is that grabbing this player would not only help the Cornhuskers' recruiting class but would be a poke in the eye of a conference rival.

Beating out Iowa

The Nebraska football team's latest scholarship offer recipient was just a few days ago, a commit to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Nothing would be sweeter than sweeping Holmes out from under the control of the Hawkeyes considering Iowa just beat the Huskers 40-10. Holmes announced he had received the scholarship offer on Twitter, posting a picture of the recruit standing next to coach Keith Williams.

Not surprisingly, Hawkeyes fans were not exactly happy the wide receiver might be headed to Lincoln to play for the Nebraska football team. Quite a few fans referenced the 40-10 game while others swung for even lower blows. Williams was arrested over the summer for DUI and there were several comments asking how he managed to get to Holmes' house.

The Huskers have their work cut out for them should they manage to get Holmes. Since decommitting from Iowa, he's picked up offers from Arizona State, Washington State and Virginia. He is also going to visit Oklahoma before he takes his official visit to Nebraska on December 9.

Eye-popping stats

It's not hard to see why Holmes is a much sought after receiver, despite being just 5-11.

Holmes amassed an incredible 80 catches for just over 1,500 yards and a whopping 19 total touchdowns (two on kick returns) for his highschool, Those numbers were just a follow-up to last season when he caught 59 passes for just over 850 yards. Holmes counts as a must-get for the Nebraska football team in this recruiting class.

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