The Nebraska Football team isn't tucking its tail between its legs after a 40-10 loss to Iowa over the Thanksgiving weekend. Instead, Mike Riley and company appear to be doing their very best to make sure the team in 2017 is quite a bit better than the 2016 version. In order to do that, Riley offered a scholarship to a player that hadn't really been on the Huskers radar until recently, but being a four star athlete out of Ohio, it's a safe bet Lynn Bowden is going to be highly sought after moving forward.

Bowden on Twitter

On Sunday night, Bowden announced he had been given an official scholarship offer to play for the Nebraska football team.

Since he was given the offer on Sunday night, it makes sense that there isn't going to be any information about just how interested he is in playing for the Huskers.

Clearly, NU believes it has a chance, but it will have an uphill battle against other schools that have been in on him since the very beginning. Bowden is listed as an athlete and according to 247 Sports, he's being looked at as someone who can play several different positions on offense. That would seem to indicate there are feelings he'll end up as a wide receiver or a running back. Bowden doesn't appear to be big enough to play tight end, unless the Nebraska Football team is looking for a sleeker and quicker TE in the future.

Who the Huskers have to beat

When it comes to who the Nebraska football team would have to beat out in order to gain Bowden's services, it appears Kentucky might be the top dog (or wildcat in this instance). Some Husker fans might think that makes the athlete a shoo-in to be a Husker, considering it's been a very long time since Kentucky was considered someone to be feared on the recruiting trail.

The problem is that the other teams in on this player are in the Big Ten, making this year another showdown between schools Riley has had to beat on the field and in a recruit's home. Michigan State and Penn State are the top two Big Ten schools who are also going hard after Bowden, though neither are getting a lot of love from the prospect according to the top recruiting services.

The Huskers' coaching staff is wasting no time in making sure the athlete is very much wanted in Lincoln. It was during a visit by wide receivers coach Keith Williams that Bowden received his offer. This fall, Bowden's attention has been almost entire focused on Kentucky, with an unofficial visit on November 5 and a planned official visit on December 3. It's a safe bet Williams plans a visit to Lincoln in the very near future.

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