In 1936, Carl Sandburg wrote, "Yes, get Lady Luck with you and you're made." Luck be a lady? More than Sinatra's croon of the tune, history sings of Fortuna, the Roman goddess femme fatale who made life swell. Capricious? Granting or withdrawing favors at a charm or curse whim for the Win? We shall see, yes we shall see.

Chicago's Great Fate? 108?

The numbers speak their destiny, Cubs fans claim as fate. The numbers shoutout, "W" more inWin than Wishesfor the Cubbies' toend this dreary wait. Yetthe numbers do add up, MLBstatisticians show -- right outta the stadium gate. Gulp if you must, while you're chewing on those dugout sunflower seeds, but swallow what's sworn as MLB meant-to-bein the SRO stands.

The evidence mounds like pay dirt under pitchers' cleated feet:

  • 108 years since Chicago wontheir last World Series championship
  • Homer struck by Baez on the 108th pitch clinched their National League division.
  • 108 pitches were thrown by Lester to win that LA game.
  • The baseball itself? Comprised of 108 neat, tidy little stitches.
  • That ball rolled out ofSpalding Sporting Goods, at 108 W. Madison in Chicago.
  • Movies showingthe Cubs winning the World Series? "Back To The Future 2" and "Taking Care of Business" -- viewed at108 minutes.
  • Is fortune fuelingthe Cubs ownership? The Ricketts family rocketsfinancialswith TD Ameritrade -- headquartered at 108th Street.
  • How many outs does it take towin the Series? You already guessed it -- 27 per game x 4 games = 108!

Cleveland welcomes with open arms all the lucky charms of Eddie Robinson and of course, billy goat.

Yes, 95-year-old Eddie Robinson and his lovely wife Bette return for a warm welcome in chilly Cleveland at Game 6, this Lake Erie evening.

Lucky Eddie's last-at-bat? Natch, it was for Cleveland as the hit that drove in the runthat clinched the 1948 Tribe's World Series victory over the Boston Braves. Eddie's indeed the last living Indian whowon the World Series. Now that's keeping luck alive.

Cleveland finds luck in what Chicago finds unlucky -- the curse of Chicago tavern keeper Bill, Billy Goat Sianis.

Legend and lore settles the score when mascotgoat Murphy was not permitted to sit in the seat Sianis sought to soar the Cubs better luck againstthe Detroit Tigers. That date of fate was October 6, 1945, when, after the ticket was purchased and the goat was thrown outta the park with club owner Mr. T.F.

Wrigley's smartass remark, ("That goat stinks!") . . . Billy Goat cast the curse, not for better but for worse: "The Cubs ain't gonna win nor more!"

Will that be that? Where will Lady Luck's smileturn on the night lights overthe playing field? Stay tuned sports fans. Attuned too.

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