Michael Schumacher`s story got into an unwanted and hard to imagine path in late 2013 when he was the victim of that by-now well notorious ski accident in the French Alps. As expected, his huge fan crowd went wild and the demand for news and updates regarding his well-being caused an inflation of reports on this matter. While some have agreed on the matter of privacy, for others, the thirst has been insatiable. And that gave birth to false news up to a point when Schumacher`s family sued a publicationfor presenting false reports.

Schumacher has been on a 3-year invisible loop

With about 1000 days off the grid, Michael Schumacher`s post-traumatic recovery process remains far away from public scrutiny.

Each time some of his closest friends feed up the press with a statement that it wasn't enough. The updateswereeither incomplete or in some cases in contradiction. The public`s behavior is reprehensible up to a point. Living in this era, where social media acts as a social binder, makes it hard for someone as Schumacher to ask for privacy for the long term. Besides, Formula 1 has been one of the popular sports in the past decades. And there is no surprise that a pioneer as Schumacher got himself such a faithful crowd.

His success on the race track was unique with 7 titles (so far an unbeaten record in Formula 1) with 5 titles in a row in the early stages of 2000`s.

If Schumacher would have been a badminton player definitely things would've been much more peaceful with no one carrying about the issue.

Schumacher retired in 2012 but unwillingly remained in the spotlights

Following his great success with Ferrari, he made a step back and announced his retirement in 2006 only for a few years. In 2010 he was back on the race track driving for Mercedes. Despite having less success he competed for 2 more years and at the end of 2012 he again made the retirement announcement.

But the public eye was off his back only for a year as he suffered that accident in 2013.

The drama he`s been through could have had a different storyline if his family would have sharedmore news. But in the end, the choice belongs to them and no one can argue about it.

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