The Miami Dolphins were winners in Week 12 of the current NFL season. The Dolphins, in a game that they hosted on Sunday, put up a seven-point victory against the San Francisco 49ers. The result sees Miami improve to 7-4 on the season, a record that seemed entirely improbable after their 1-4 start to the season. However, despite their winning ways many remain skeptical of the Dolphins and their chances as evidenced by lengthy betting odds on this winning team.

Miami Dolphins' major underdogs still

A good reason for that is the fact that Miami share a division with the New England Patriots. The Patriots are 9-2 and could coast to a divisional title.

Even if the Dolphins are able to make up the two-game deficit against New England over the next five games then that still only gets them to tiebreakers. Accordingly, the Dolphins are priced way out at 25 to 1 to win the AFC East with betway.

It seems that if the Miami Dolphins are going to make the playoffs then they will have to get in via a Wild Card. Currently there are three teams vying for two spots in the AFC. Along with Miami, the 7-4 Denver Broncos and the 8-3 Kansas City Chiefs are very much in the mix. Pittsburgh and Buffalo are 6-5 teams at the moment, teams that need to play well for the balance of the season and hope for others above them to stumble. However, in Pittsburgh's case the Steelers can hope for a divisional title still as no elite team has emerged in the AFC North.

As for winning the AFC conference championship, the Dolphins are lengthy underdogs, priced at 33/1 with William Hill. That makes them 9th favorites at present, a position that is a little bit unfair for a 7-4 team. To win the Super Bowl, the Dolphins likewise remain major long shots with William Hill pricing them at 66 to 1.

Miami Dolphins lengthy odds understandable

Despite the six-game winning streak there is good reason to be skeptical of the Miami Dolphins in my view. Their five most recent wins have all been close contests. You have to go back to Week 6 for a double-digit victory when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-15 in a game the Dolphins hosted.

That's the last time, and only time, Miami beat a team considered to be among the favorites for playoff success as well (the Steelers are 4th favorites for the Super Bowl with bet365).

Looking ahead, the Dolphins have home games against the Arizona Cardinals and New England in Weeks 14 and 17 respectively. Miami also have road games at Baltimore, the Jets, and Buffalo in Weeks 13, 15, and 16 respectively. The Dolphins may very well need to go 4-1 during the upcoming stretch to secure a Wild Card spot with an 11-5 record. However, even going 3-2 may prove tough in the weeks ahead. The six-game winning streak has put them in the mix, however their chances still remain quite long.

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