Marcell Dareus has been embroiled in controversy for the entire year. The star Bills player was suspended for the first four games of the season thanks to his extended use of weed. His absence was extended by an injury that only seemed to act up as the season continued. But Dareus played in the last game against the Bengals and appears to be doing whatever he can to get back to 100%.

A Fake Post on Instagram.

One fan who was likely tired of watching Marcell collect his pay while sitting on the sideline every week probably hacked the man's Instagram account. He/she posted the following:

F*ck the Buffalo Bills I love weed.

I smoke it during the offseason. F*ck Rex Ryan your the worst coach the Bills have ever had. @Buffalomafia I got paid and didn't really play. F*ck the NFL for accusing me and taking my money. F*ck the fans and their kids. Kim f*ck you dumb c**t. @BuffaloBills I resign. I don't wanna play no more. Thanks for the 60 mill.

Obviously a fake post, but some may have taken it a bit too literally after Dareus' performance and suspension this season. Marcell's key role in the Bengals win last week reminded everyone that he plays a big part in Bills victories.

An Apology on Twitter.

Marcell Dareus wasn't going to stay silent after his Instagram account was hacked and apologized for the content on Twitter.

Bills fans know that Dareus would never say those things about the Buffalo Bills. The team has treated him well for his entire career and even worked with him throughout his suspension.

It's hard to believe that the ill will expressed in the Instagram post could ever be truly expressed by Marcell Dareus.

But there are still some fans who are frustrated by Dareus' play, and they also voiced their frustrations on Twitter.

That's pretty funny, but also scary to a Bills fan who definitely doesn't want to see Dareus get suspended for smoking weed ever again.

If the Bills defender is smart, he'll evade the substance for the rest of career. That way, he'll always be able to play for a Bills team that desperately needs the talented defender for every regular season game.

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