Rumor mill continues for Los Angeles Lakers

Whether it's rumors and speculation regarding a potential blockbuster trade for Sacramento Kings franchise player DeMarcus Cousins, or various other incarnations of possible trade targets, it would seem that the Los Angeles Lakers will be a constant topic of discussion this season as far as trade talks are concerned. The purple and gold have a lot of young talent on their roster, a lot of which is still undeveloped, and/or currently developing as the 2016-2017 NBA season progresses.

On top of developing that talent and seeing it come to fruition, the flip side of that is that having a lot of young talent means generating a lot of interest, as other teams are looking to add new blood to their respective teams, with an eye for the future.

In recent years, the Cleveland Cavaliers traded their number one draft pick, Andrew Wiggins to the Minnesota Timberwolves for established star Kevin Love. And, while that deal ended up benefiting both teams, there is always risk involved in breaking up a team of young talent, especially if those moves don't ultimately translate to titles. Case in point: Oklahoma City Thunder.

Randle for Iguodala in latest Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors?

Initially reported by Mobile & Apps, there are rumors swirling that there may be a swap between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. It should be noted that at this time, this is mere speculation and rumor, however, it's certainly still worth exploring any and all potential trades and their outcome.

Looking at a hypothetical best case scenario for both sides, the Golden State Warriors will likely need to clear a significant amount of cap space after the acquisition of Kevin Durant over the summer, and a player like Randle would allow them to do that, while also adding youth to their roster.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, they would be getting a proven veteran with championship experience and leadership qualities would instantly guide this young team in the right direction.

Andre Iguodala is a class act, and his leadership both on and off the floor would be invaluable to a Laker team with so much youth and inexperience on its roster.

The reality

Whether or not this trade rumor proves true, the reality is that this would be a bad move for the purple and gold. While it is true that the purple and gold would be getting a veteran in the locker room, they already have a handful of those players (Luol Deng, Metta World Peace).

On top of which, Andre Iguodala is winding down, in the twilight of his career, while Julius Randle is just getting started.

Hopefully this trade rumor stays just that: a rumor.

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