The Boston Celtics were slow early out of the gate Wednesday night, losing to the Washington wizards 93-118. Their performance at the start of the game was abysmal, finishing the 1st quarter trailing the Wizards 8-34. This has been a theme so far this season for the Celtics, as they are beginning to make a habit of prolonged dry spells on offense. The 1st quarter helped prove this point, as the C's were caught napping for a road game, a definite recipe for failure.

Lazy defense has never been forgiven on the Celtics, but the guards tonight eventually made up for poor effort and caught momentum on offense before closing out the 1st half.

The biggest catalyst for the swing of momentum was Amir Johnson, who finished the night on 5-5 FG for 11 points. This helped spark Isiah Thomas, who would go on to lead the Celtics with 23 points on 6-18 shooting. Typically the defensive star, Avery Bradley was crucial on offense and behind the 3-point arc, shooting 3-7 from distance and scoring 21 points on the night. Bradley's performance is one good sign from tonight's road loss, as the Celtics are finding fewer and fewer options for scoring without defaulting to Thomas.

Kelly Olynyk returns

Kelly Olynyk made his season debut tonight and it was refreshing to see the puzzle pieces coming together once again. However, the return was bittersweet, as Olynyk would finish the night on 1-6 shooting and 2 points after coming off the bench.

Yikes. While he didn't help to fend off the blow out, take it with a grain of salt, though. Olynyk is fighting his way back from shoulder surgery in the offseason, so it will take more time to integrate back on to the court. Hopefully his downtime is minimal.

The Celtics missed Al Horford's presence tonight, not the only player who has caught the injury bug.

The big man is still under concussion protocol. Going forward, his health will be something to watch for, since the Celtics shelled out a hefty $113 million dollar contract in the offseason. They wouldn't want their new acquisition to fail and general manager Danny Ainge would hardly allow for a deal like this to go sour.

Perhaps Ainge can work his magic and bring in some additional talent for the Celtics, like a possible DeMarcus Cousins. Being so early in the season, it's difficult to draw any conclusions concerning lazy defense. However, if the team keeps up these troublesome habits, the Celtics will be hard pressed to make any real run in the playoffs, if they can manage to reach despite being outscored by terrible teams.

Thoughts going forward

The Celtics will look to rebound from tonight's loss against the New York Knicks this Friday. Watching how Jaylen Brown matches up with Carmelo Anthony will be the talk going forward, as Brown was a key factor in why the Celtics lost. For much of the game, Brown guarded Otto Porter Jr.

of the Wizards. Who? Well, Porter would end up exploiting Brown's defense by scoring 34 points on 14-19 shooting, an monumental failure on Brown's part. If the young Jaylen Brown plays defense against the Knicks like he did tonight, then look for Carmelo to drop 50 points on Friday.

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