After coming away last week to snap a four game losing streak against the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Jetslooked to continue their winning streak during week eight's match up against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns, at 0-7, were desperately looking to get their first win of the season after lackluster performances and a major problem at the quarterback position. The starting quarterback match up pitted Ryan Fitzpatrick against Josh McCown.

The Game

It started off with the Browns gaining the upper hand after McCown drove the offense down the field and threw a pass to wide receiver Andrew Hawkins for a touchdown.

The Browns managed to keep the Jets offense on hold for the whole first quarter, during which the Browns scored again on a 41 yard field goal from placekicker Cody Parkey to go up 10-0. When the second quarter started, the Jetsstarted wellwith Fitzpatrick throwing to wide receiver Quincy Enunwa, who ran for 13 yards. Running back Matt Forte got the ball next and managed to run for a combined 20 yards on two carries. After throwing two straight incomplete passes, Fitzpatrick handed off to Bilal Powell, who ran it for 35 yards to the end zone to put the Jets on the board. Later, with 1:55 left in the first half, McCown led the Browns down the field and got the ball to Isiah Crowell, who scored aone yard touchdown.

Parkey later kicked a 27 yard field goal for a three point gain just as the first half ended with the Browns leading 20-7.

The second half of the game started off well for the Jets, as Fitzpatrick led the way as he managed to get five first downs until, on second down and nine to go, he passed it off to Enunwa, who ran 24 yards for a touchdown.

Over six minutes later, after the Jets called a timeout and on fourth down, Forte, from the two yard line, squeezed his way in to the end zone and the Jets took the lead 21-20. In the fourth quarter with 9:42 left in the game, Forte came through again, scoring a touchdown to increase the lead to28-20.

Placekicker Nick Folk would later nail a 24 yard field goal attempt to give gang green an 11 point lead. McCown was now desperate to push the ball up the field and managed to do so, throwing to Hawkins for a touchdown with 15 seconds left. The Browns decided to try and score for the two point conversion and succeed as McCown completed the pass to wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, but it was too late to come back, as the Jets defeated the Browns 31-28.


With the win, the Jets advance to 3-5 in the season, but still remain in last place in the AFC East. Their next opponents are the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, who are 3-4 and are one spot ahead of the Jets in their conference.

The Browns fall to 0-8 and still remain the only team this NFL season without a win, but they started making a big move a few days after the loss.

The New England Patriots decided to trade linebacker Jaime Collins to the Browns in exchange for a third round pick, if they get one. If not, it will be a fourth round pick. Collinsmade the Pro Bowl team last year and should give the Browns some much needed help. The team still has a lot of work to do in another areas, but they'll get their first win and this game was an improvement.

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