On October 9th, the Miami Dolphins were done. The team was 1-4, 3 games back in the division, and out of options. The Dolphins barely managed to beat the Cleveland Browns, who are the worst team in the NFL, and their offense looked completely disjointed. Miami's offense was in shambles, with Arian Foster retiring early in the season. The team had no running game, and their passing game suffered as a result. When everything looked lost, Jay Ajayi stepped up and saved Miami's season. Ajayi's historic performance has caught the attention of everyone in the NFL, and it's time to start considering him as an MVP candidate.

Ajayi has been as valuable as anyone in the NFL:

Ajayi ran rampant all over the Steelers and Bills in back to back weeks. He became the first player in NFL history to rush for 200 yards in consecutive weeks. The Dolphins have won five straight games since Ajayi's feat, and are right back in the AFC playoff race. Ajayi is ranked 6th in the NFL in rushing yards, despite the fact that Miami has only featured him since week 6. Making his case for MVP is as simple as asking, "Did you see what the Dolphins looked like before they started feeding Ajayi the ball?"

There also isn't a runaway favorite for the NFL's MVP this year. Tom Brady was suspended for a good part of the year, which certainly hurts his case.

Voters could also cancel out the brilliance of Ezekiel Elliot based on how good Dak Prescott has been. Matt Ryan has played exceptionally all year, but his Falcons are just 6-4 and far from dominant. It's hard to argue that Ajayi isn't every bit as valuable as these guys.

Ajayi has put the Dolphins in the playoff picture:

During the final six games of the season, Miami will face the 49ers, Ravens, Cardinals, Jets, Bills, and Patriots. At 6-4, they have a real shot at finishing the season with a 10-6 record. Given how competitive the AFC West has been this season, 10-6 could vault Miami into the playoffs.

If the Dolphins get into the postseason, there's no reason to believe Ajayi won't win the MVP award. Miami would've closed out the season by going 9-2, and it would all be thanks to the dominant performance Ajayi has put together.

How good are his odds? They're not very promising, but that doesn't make him any less deserving. Miami will have accomplished an incredible feat if they can make it into the playoffs. It's impossible to ignore how bad the Dolphins were before Ajayi took off, and you have to credit him for their incredible turnaround. He may not win the MVP award, but his accomplishments should definitely be recognized.

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