The two best words in sports, Game 7 will happen tonight and is one of the most anticipated games ever. This is due to the magnitude of the situation for both teams as one will finally be able to raise the trophy in triumph after having one of the longest championship droughts in sports history.

What to look for in Game 7

Game 7 seems to be a low scoring game as Cubs ace Kyle Hendricks & Indians pitcher Corey Kluber will take the mound and have both dominated throughout the postseason. The best case scenario for both teams is to work the count and force the opposing manager to use the bullpen in order for them to have a chance of manufacturing runs.

Most likely, the winner take all game will come down to who will handle the pressure better and who can come up clutch in big situations. The Cubs have shown over and over again throughout 2016 that they can overcome any obstacle and will give them a huge advantage against the Tribe.

The Indians are not too familiar with adversity as they swept through the first two rounds of the playoffs and now find themselves in the toughest situation of the year. The team looked strong and confident with a 3-1 series lead, but have shown weaknesses in their pitching and offenses that has caused them to blow their lead and be forced to play a Game 7.

The biggest advantage the Indians have over the Cubs is the fact that Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman has had a huge workload which can affect his impact on the winner take all game.

This can be a huge problem for the Cubs in the late innings and the Indians can therefore have a huge opportunity to be able to capitalize on the opposition having their best relief pitcher out of the game.

Game 7 significance for both teams

Both fan bases for the Cubs and Indians are anxious for a World Championship as they have waited their entire lives for their beloved team to win.

For the Cubs it has been a 108 year wait with constant heartbreaks year after year. The Indians share a similar monumental drought in being without a title for 68 years. Game 7 will therefore be a historical moment no matter what plays out -- it is a must-watch game for hardcore and casual fans alike.

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