If you love watching the NBA as much as I do, then you know how difficult it is to find the games without a package or NBA League Pass. First Row Sports used to be the best free option, but it was never very reliable and always slowed down everyone's computer. There were even some games that weren't even available on First Row Sports for viewing. But a brand new innovation has changed things for the better. Facebook Live, the platform that was supposed to allow users to broadcast themselves live at any point, is actually being used for another purpose.

Using Facebook Live to Stream Games.

Some Facebook users are choosing to broadcast themselves live while watching their own television.

This is giving other Facebook users the opportunity to watch when someone begins doing a Facebook live stream. The fantastic innovation is completely free and has allowed me to watch several Knicks games at no extra cost with minimal interruptions. But where can one find these Facebook live streams?

Facebook Fan Groups Stream Games Live.

There might not be anything better than a Facebook fan group. These groups consist of like-minded fans who are all rooting for the same team. In my case, the Bills Mafia group bonds over the hope that the Buffalo Bills will one day make the playoffs. But those who want to stream free live NBA games should look no further than the fan group of their favorite team.

Simply find that fan group, request to join, and wait for your request to be approved. When your team is playing, check back in the fan group and watch the game that another Facebook user will inevitably be streaming.

There are even general NBA fan groups that have more than one game streaming at once!

Want to watch Steph Curry and the Warriors? It's probably on Facebook Live somewhere, you just need to look for it. And this method doesn't just work for live NBA games. It also works for NFL games, which are also streamed in multiple Facebook fan groups by several different users.

We hope you enjoy this information and use it to your advantage to get all the free live NBA action you want this season.

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