Before the 2016 baseball season, one of the more outlandish predictions has been that the Chicago Cubs would play in the World Series. A 1993 student quote in a High School yearbook by a Cubs’ fan not only made that prediction but also pegged 2016 as the year it would happen. A year or two ago, an episode of the now-defunct sitcom “Parks and Recreation” made the same prediction and pegged a Cubs win on the same year. The line was treated as a joke. The last time the Cubs had been in a World Series had been in 1945, with World War II just concluded. The last time that Chicago’s hard luck team had won was during the Roosevelt administration – Teddy Roosevelt.

The Chicago Cubs have had the reputation of a losing team with a passionate fan base. Every year for decades, Chicago fans have the dream that this would be the year that their beloved Cubs would finally stop breaking hearts in the Windy City and start winning. Every year the Cubs disappointed and broke those hearts. But then, as summer waned, the wistful sigh went up, there is always next year. And so the cycle repeated itself year after year during two word wars, a cold war, the Apollo moon landing, and the war on terror.

That 2016 turned out to be next year is proof that we live in a time of wonders. Donald Trump may become president of the United States. Bob Dylan has won a Nobel Prize for Literature. Of course, the hard-luck Cubs have gone to the World Series.

But to win it, as of this writing, the Cubs have to overcome a 3 to 2 deficit and win both game 6 and game 7. Only a handful of teams has done that in the entire history of baseball. Can the Cubs be the next team to accomplish that feat, against another formerly hard luck team, the Cleveland Indians?

Win or lose; the Cubs have proven that even in an age when sordidness is the norm, some beauty and drama yet remain in a game that is America’s gift to the world. The Chicago Cubs have proven that if your wait long enough, hope long enough, work for it long enough, anything can happen.

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