When it comes to naming the hot Olympic athletes 2016, we usually talk about Serena Williams and Natasha Hastings from the US. It would not be wrong to say that beauty is not restricted to Hollywood and fashion industry. In fact, hottest male Olympians and Hottest female Olympians are talked about more than anyHollywood actor or actress.

This is because they look spectacular and possess excellent gaming skills. For example, Jaque Carvalho has a huge fan following. Regardless of her origin and background, this lady has long managed to be one of the hottest Olympic female athletes of all time. Let us not waste time and begin our countdown.

Aly Raisman (gymnastics) – hottest American Olympians 2016

Alexandra Rose "Aly" Raisman is one of the hottest Olympic athletes 2016. Born in May, 1994, she is quite young, talented, and energetic. As a gymnast, she has represented her country in international games. She has been a member of the 2012 "Fierce Five", and 2016 "Final Five" U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics. In 2012, she brought home gold medals while playing in London. She was also given a bronze medal on the balance beam. Raisman is often regarded as the most decorated American gymnast of the era. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she was lucky to win a gold medal in the team event. With her perfect figure, fair skin complexion, and intense personality, this lady has always dominated the hearts of her male fans.

Emma Coburn (track and field) – hottest female Olympians 2016

Without any doubt, Emma Coburn is one of the hottest female athletes at Rio 2016. Born in October, 1990, this American girl is known as a middle distance runner. During her professional life, she has set many records. For example, she was able to set an American Record of 9:07.63 in the three thousand meter steeplechase.

Moreover, she was given a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games. She has various medals and titles to her name including 2008’s Olympic final (8th), and 2011’s World Championship finals (10th). She is a hard working, dedicated, and attractive woman. Coburn studied at the University of Colorado, and completed her graduation in 2010.

She once said in an interview that she wanted to become a middle distance runner after her high school. She is one of thehottest female Olympians of this year.

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