Well that was nothing short of awful. Georgetown was listed as a 22 point favorite and played at home in McDonough on Thursday evening. Many were expecting a solid rebound for a Hoyas team that has some solid talent in Rodney Pryor, Jesse Govan, L.J. Peak, and others. What fans got instead was an embarrassing performance that had Georgetown down by almost 20 points at halftime to Arkansas State, a team projected to finish in the bottom half of their weak conference. The Hoyas tried to storm back, but the deficit was too huge for the team to overcome. And that had fans booing the man who hasn't made it past the second round of the NCAA tournament since the 2006-2007 college basketball season.

Hoya Fans Rip Into John Thompson III.

Can anybody really blame Georgetown fans? An awful loss to Arkansas State after a heartbreaking loss to Maryland is enough to disgust any Hoya fans. And in case you didn't believe that, here's the proof.

McDonough's gym is small enough for noise to reverberate around the arena and you have to believe that this chant affected Georgetown's coach in some way. His job security has almost never been in question thanks to the legendary status of his father, but it definitely should be after this embarrassing loss.

John Thompson III Stuck in the Stone Age.

Hasn't John Thompson III realized that the Princeton offense isn't necessary for his team yet? It was designed by Princeton so that a mid-major school would be able to compete with higher level programs with more athletic players like Duke and Kentucky. Thompson instead uses the system to limit the athleticism of his best players, who stand around the perimeter and pass the ball around for what seems like an eternity.

And don't even get me started on the turnovers. Georgetown had 12 on Thursday night, three times more than Arkansas State. One of those turnovers came late in the game and prevented the Hoyas from putting up what could have been a game tying shot. Can't John Thompson III teach his players to protect the ball and value every possession?

Those turnovers are exactly what allowed Maryland to come back in the last game!

The shooting from three point range was even worse. Georgetown went just 3 of 18 (16.7%) from the three point line and Jagan Mosley missed all six threes he took in the game. How does John Thompson III not tell him to stop chucking those shots up after he missing? Those shots result in zero points and are just as bad as turnovers.

Time for a Change.

It's time to recognize that what John Thompson III is doing isn't working. His system too frequently results in losses to subpar opponents, meaning that the team will never get a chance to go far in the NCAA tournament. Even his recruitment is hindered by a system that emphasizes a slow offense.

Strong players unable to show off their skills within such a slow offensive system eventually decide to go somewhere else.

John Thompson III has been underdelivering for years now and it's time to finally make the change that the Georgetown students and fans demanded in McDonough tonight.

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