Hardly anyone predicted the Chicago Cubs would rise up after being down 3-1 in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians and tie the best-out-of-seven series 3-3. Hardly anyone predicted ticketsto the final showdown would rise to more than $23,000. You read that correctly. That's a downpayment to a home. That's the price of a brand new car. That's the price a die-hard fan is willing to pay to see their team win the highest baseball honor: a world championship. The two teams are in a championship drought that has outlived some of their fans. The Indians haven't celebrated a world championship in 86 years.

As for the Cubs, their drought has been centennial plus some change at 108 years. Game 7 of the MLB World Series will be worth it for some lucky fans.

How much did fans pay for Game 7 World Series tickets?

Fans that had bought tickets at normal prices were looking to cash in on coveted Game 7 tickets. They took to ticket-selling site StubHub. As of Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Times found that tickets were going for $25,000 each. The tickets were "upper-level reserved seats deep in left field." The cheapest tickets on the site were$748. But for nearly $800, that didn't buy you a seat. The tickets were for standing-room-only behind the outfield wall. According to Yahoo Sports, one fan from Chicago dished out"$23,400 apiece for two box seats on the first-base line." That's nearly enough to cover a semester at USC.

All for a couple of hours of some MLB fun.

Ticket prices spike but drop down

Prices for Game 7 spiked as soon as the Cubs gained a lead in Game 6. But the Chicago Tribune reports that tickets fell back down. The culprit? The quick turnaround for Game 7. The Chicago Tribune also reports that tickets for Wednesday's game were highly sought-after only to be beat by the Super Bowl.

How to watch Game 7 of the World Series

The World Series airs on Fox starting at 8 p.m. ET. Viewers can live-stream the gameonFox Sports Go and MLB.tv. They say there can only be one winner. But the people who sold their tickets for a huge profit may end up winning also. Or not. Only if going to a World Series is more valuable to you.

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