Former Nebraska Football star Randy Gregory continues to find himself in trouble with the NFL. The good news is that the defensive end is not continually finding new and different ways to get into trouble. The bad news is that he simply has not been able to stay away from drugs and alcohol since he entered the league.

Randy's current problems

The former Nebraska football star is already serving a 14 game suspension for failing an NFL drug test. The plan had been for Gregory to return just as the regular season was coming to a close. The former Cornhusker was going to be quite the boost to a defense on a team that looks like it just might run away with the NFC East.

Now, 247 Sports is reporting he's failed yet another drug test.

Randy's new problem

The former Nebraska football star is now being reported as having failed a brand new test. While there aren't a ton of details about whether or not he missed the test entirely, or took it and came up positive, the outcome is basically the same. Randy Gregory could now be facing an even longer punishment.

The problem is that the NFL has a bit of a punishment problem of its own. Roger Goodell has made doling out punishments that don't fit the crime something that seems to happen on an almost daily basis. Sometimes the league doesn't issue punishments when it seems punishment is certainly warranted.

The NFL's punishment problem

Ironically, it's another former Nebraska football star that has illustrated the punishment problem the league still has. Josh Brown was originally suspended for just one game for abusing his former wife. That means that Randy Gregory using Marijuana is meeting with a much stricter punishment than Brown originally did for beating his wife.

The NFL has changed that situation and Josh Brown will likely never play in the NFL again. Still, Randy Gregory seems to need real help but the league is plenty happy to simply turn its back on him and tell him he will be missing even more games. There are certainly some Nebraska football fans who say he deserves it, but Gregory can't get out of his own way.

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