Before I even start let me say that I could never do what the referees do on a weekly basis. The way they can track and call these high speed plays is amazing, but enough is enough.

Things were bad enough a couple of years ago with the replacement refs, but this year more than ever there have been moreblown and missed calls then I've ever seen in one season of Football.From bad pass interference calls, to touchdowns, to the debacle that was Sherman blasting Bills kickers Dan Carpenter below the belt, it has to stop, and measures need to be taken not to stop them from happening per-say, but to enforce the rules and bring down punishments when they do.

Carpenter's wife wasn't toohappy with Sherman's anticseither.

Almost all plays should be reviewed

For the most part the refs do a pretty good job, but it’s gotten to the point where so many of these plays are changing the outcomes of games. It may sound a little over the top, but I’m in the camp where almost every important play should be reviewed. I don’t care how long it takes because in a 16-game season each individual game is far too important to leave up to the eyes anymore.

In all other major sports including hockey, basketball, and baseball, exists a decent review system. But in an 82-game or 162-game season, while each game is important in their own right, they don’t stand up to a single game in the NFL because a loss here or a loss there could mean the end of the season for some teams.

Most of the games are on Sunday, and people who watch football are already committed too watching it that day, so what does another maybe 10 minutes of review matter to get the call truly right?

What actually happens to the officials?

That’s the biggest question that I really want to know about because the harsh reality of it is that a blown or missed call here or there could potentially mean the player in question being cut from the team if he’s low enough of the depth chart.

It’s cruel, but in a league that’s truly all about winning every play is that crucial.

The worst thing that apparently happens to officialsaside from maybe getting fired is they just don’t get to work playoff games or primetime games if they make a bunch of big mistakes. That seems a little light considering the circumstances of the games themselves.

For one I would really like to know what the NFL says to an official that makes an terrible call in games. On the other hand, I would also like to know which refs are the ones that are doing a good job.

We live in a time where the NFL shouldn’t be allowed to hide what happens, as the people, the media, and the players themselves have the right to know these things. I’m sure that Josh Norman still would love to know who #88 is.

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