Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and that means three games of great Football. Check out a preview for the games here. For fantasy football owners, Thanksgiving should represent an opportunity. It offers a chance for fantasy owners to isolate players in certain games and take advantage of certain matchups across the board. Here are five fantasy sleepers who should be able to take care of their given matchups on Thanksgiving.

1. Eli Rogers.

The Steelers wide receiver is available on more than 75% of waiver wires and will make a great play on Thanksgiving against the Colts. Without Luck, the Colts won't be able to do anything on offense, giving the Steelers plenty of possessions to work with.

As the current number two wide receiver, Rogers is in the best position to take advantage of a great fantasy matchup against a pretty terrible Colts defense.

2. Steelers D/ST.

The Steelers defense isn't the most popular in fantasy circles, but it should deliver a solid performance on Thanksgiving night. It's hard to see Scott Tolzien moving the ball much in this game and the Steelers will definitely be looking to force as many turnovers as possible.

3. Anquan Boldin.

Every time you think Boldin is out of the league, he comes back the next week and scores a touchdown to remind you that he's still around. I'm betting that Thanksgiving will provide another one of those Boldin moments and that it is worth starting him in fantasy leagues where you might be short on a wide receiver.

4. Adam Thielen.

It's time to finally admit that the Vikings receiver is a decent flex or fill-in option. Thielen scored 12 fantasy points against the Cardinals last week and scored a touchdown in the previous week as well. The Lions don't have a great pass defense and Thielen should be able to get behind it for a bunch of yardage on Thanksgiving.

5. Chris Thompson.

It seems ridiculous to put Thompson on this list after Kelley's huge performance last week, but there is a reason to. The Cowboys are expected to lead for this entire game and that will force Cousins to throw. When the Redskins throw, Chris Thompson is the man in the backfield catching passes.

That makes Thompson worth a play, especially in PPR fantasy leagues where he can get points for every reception made.

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