The English Premier League (EPL) is no doubt the most competitive and best league in the world. It is also the most watched and most anticipated Soccer league in the world. The EPL title is keenly contested by the best 20 clubs in the English Football Association. The league is also referred as the Barclay Premier League since it is mainly sponsored by the Barclay Bank in the United Kingdom.

The Premier League prides itself as the most viewed league in the world with its global broadcasting outreach covering over 212 countries. It has successfully recorded about 643 million home and more than 4.7 billion worldwide audiences and fans.

Highest paid players

It is not surprising that the EPL draws lump sums of money in every single action and aspects related to it. The best and most competitive players are signed during the summer and winter transfer windows. Most of the legendary and highly skilled players are of course handsomely rewarded for their astute performances, skills, talent and the overall passion they possess to keep the fans thrilled and excited. Teams spend millions of dollars to get the players of their choice moved to their club.

Wayne Rooney — Manchester United

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is of course the highest paid player in the English Premier League and is also the one who spent most of his career with Manchester United.

Rooney first played for Everton for a very short period before Manchester United bought him and have continued to retain him since then. He pockets a whooping sum of $381,000 every single week as his basic salary.

Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure -- Manchester City

Sergio Aguero of Manchester City is second on the list as the highest paid players in the EPL with a whooping sum of $352,000 per week.

This outstanding player spent almost five years playing for Spanish side Atletico Madrid before joining Manchester City. The Avorian Yaye Toure of Manchester is the third highest paid player in the English Premier league. This skillful player is paid $352,000 per week.

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