The recently ended season of 2016 has some interesting points worth being put under scrutiny. In the first part of it, Novak Djokovic literally crushed the competition. With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal being subject to injuries and lack of success things should have been totally on Serb`s advantage. But the absence of Federer and Nadal had quite an opposite effect especially in the second part of the season. By winning that so coveted French Open and with the greatest opponents off the chart, Djokovic found himself dragged into a new scenario with no specific goal to run after.

Djokovic's coach opinion

According to ESPN, Boris Becker, the main coach of Djokovic, blamed lack of motivation as the main factor for the latest results along with a highly-motivated Andy Murray who won all the matches during the indoor season.

As Boris Becker stated, for so many years, in order to be at the summit, Novak Djokovic had to deal with a fierce opposition. Whether it was Federer, Nadal or Murray, the Serb always found a motivational burst in fighting against those players. But once the table was almost cleared (except for Murray or sometimes Wawrinka) things went down unexpected. An apparently easier task turned out to be a meltdown as Djokovic lost his 8 000 points leverage and eventually ended the year as world no.

2 as a result of his defeat against Murray at the ATP Finals in London.

Becker praised Nadal and Federer for being what Djokovic needs and likes the most - a fierce and challenging opponent. Here, some say that this is the case of Andy Murray which fact only applies for the past months while Federer and Nadal have been around with a greater deal of success.

Djokovic is ready for a reboot in 2017

The upcoming season might work in Djokovic`s favor as Federer and Nadal are both expected to make their way back in the ATP Tour. But Djokovic will remain, at least for a while, in danger territory as he will have to defend the harvest of 2016 which in the first months was epic having won the title in Qatar, Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid and of course the French Open.

All 6 events are a huge pile to defend.

The task won`t be easy for Djokovic, but he has all things required to succeed in his quest in 2017. Moreover, with Federer, Nadal and Murray all competing as well as other players like Nishikori, Raonic or Thiem who showed some great improvements, the stage is set for a great season.

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