The Dallas Mavericks aren't having a great time this season and a big part of that could be due to the fact that they are reliant on a star who is well passed his prime. Dirk Nowitzki is 38-years-old and he hasn't logged any kind of meaningful playing time yet this season. In three appearanceshe has just 83 minutes of court time and 36 points, not the kind of production that Mavericks fans are used to seeing out of their normally-prolific scorer.

Dirk sidelined for at least a week

On Sunday, ran an article that updated Nowitzki's physical condition and theexpectation for his playing time in the weeks ahead.

For a team that is just 1-5 the "news just keeps getting worse...the Mavs are going to be without Dirk Nowitzki for the foreseeable future" because he"is being shut down due to right Achilles soreness" for a period of a week before being looked at again (November 6th). Nowitzki is cited in the the article and he claims that his Achilles, which has been bothering him over the longer term, "felt better" until he put it to the test doing basketball moves.

Nowitzki's contract makes for a terrible season

According to Spotrac, Nowitzki's salary/cap hit for the season is $25,000,000. When a player with that kind of salary isn't producing on the court for a significant period of time it usually means that the franchise is going to go through a troublesome period.

With so much salary invested in a player that is sidelined and possibly prone to future injury due to his age, Dallas doesn't have a lot of wiggle roomwhen it comes to going out and making transactions.

Currently the Mavericks are in last place save one in the competitive western conference. It's hard to picture them climbing out too far from that position without Nowitzki turning something in offensively, something he won't be doing for at least a week.

Accordingly, it's starting to look like a season where the Mavs should be aiming for a high draft pick as Nowitzki, the long-term franchise player for Dallas, is at what can only be called the very-late stages of his career.

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