The Bills Seahawks game on Monday night has already generated so much controversy that the vice president of NFL officiating had no choice but to admit errors in the game. Those errors proved disastrous for a Bills team that could have easily tied the game with a field goal at the end. Instead, the Bills were robbed of three points thanks to the gross incompetence of Walt Anderson and his refereeing crew. But they weren't the only ones at fault on the play.

Richard Sherman Roughs The Kicker.

The Seahawks star cornerback jumped offsides and promptly ran into the legs of kicker Dan Carpenter. Carpenter immediately went down, but no penalty was called.

Jon Gruden, who was announcing the game, was incredulous and couldn't believe a flag wasn't thrown. Here's the play if you haven't seen it, but it's a pretty obvious roughing call.

It's safe to say the referees missed an obvious call here. But Bills fans weren't the only ones upset about the events on Monday night. Dan Carpenter's wife had a brutalTweet for Richard Sherman after the game.

Sherman Called Out for Dirty Play.

Sherman always seems to be seen as the villain and it was no different on this play.

But Dan Carpenter's wife had some particularly strong feelings about the play and she let them out in a post on Twitter.


That's absolutely brutal but I can understand her feelings. Sherman very clearly took out Carpenter's legs before he even kicked the ball, which could have resulted in a very serious injury. And for that reason the Tweet is somewhat justified as Carpenter might have even had his NFL career end on the dirty play.

What I wouldn't have expected is the fact that Richard Shermanresponded to this Tweet.

Sherman Responds.

Richard Sherman has had numerous chances to apologize for his brutal hit, but instead seems to be brushing this off as a natural Football play. And when hesaw this Tweet, what did he do?

Sherman can laugh all he wants, but he's not the one who almost had his career ended on a dirty play. Sherman obviously can't like the Tweet by Kaela Carpenter, but he could have at least shown some regret for hitting Carpenter on the play. Instead the Seahawks star will continue to laugh at the misfortune of others until karma eventually catches up to him.

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