It was just last week that theChicago Cubswerepartying like it was 1945when they finally made it to the World Series. On Wednesday night, late Wednesday night due to a seventeen-minute rain delay, the Chicago Cubs werepartying like it was 1907. Or is it1908.

Actually, it is both those years. The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series Championship, defeating the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 by a score of 8-7 in a nail-biter. In between the years of 1908 and 1945, the Chicago Cubs appeared in seven World Series. If there ever were such a thing as a "Billy Goat" curse, it is now history.

Chicago Cub heroes not the usual suspects

The Chicago Cub heroes werenot the usual suspects. Some of the heroes of the Cub night wereBen Zobrist, who hit an RBI double and then a Cub player Miguel Montero singled home a run, making the score 8-6. Cleveland did manage another run in the bottom of the tenth inning, but that fell short when another relatively unknown Cub player, a pitcher namedMike Montgomery closed out the game in relief of Carl Edwards Jr. With that final out in the bottom of the tenth, the celebration was on and simultaneously, the city of Chicago (and suburbs) lit up.

The winning pitcher for the Chicago Cubs was the closer, hard-throwingcloser Aroldis Chapman.

Ironically, it was not one of his stellar performances; it was just being in the right place at the right time in the lineup. Another hero of the night, playing the last game of his career,catcher David Ross, capped off his great career with a home run. Without that blast, there would not have been a World Series championship.

It is now clear that thecurse of "Murphy" the Billy Goat is finally history. The story goes that bar ownerBilly Sianis wanted to enter the World Series game against the Detroit Tigers in 1945 and he actually had a ticket for himself and one for "Murphy." As the bar owner strode up to the gate, the legend goes, the Chicago Cubs team ownerP.K.

Wrigley backed up the usher and refused the two entry to the game because he told Sianis, "the goat stinks." He stormed off and said,“The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more!”

The stench of the 'Billy Goat' no longer in the air

The stench of that day now has become the fresh smell of a World Series championship. If history is any guide, this drought should be followed by a World Series victory next year too, since the Cubs won back-to-back in 1907 and 1908. At least the saying is no longer, "Wait until next year." Or is it "Goodbye Someday." It's here. It. Happened.

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