The Cubs-Indians World Series returns to Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio for game six and seven. Currently, the Cleveland Indians have the edge over the Chicago Cubs withthree wins for the Indians and two for the Cubs. Game six will either name a winner or create a huge challenge to the finish. The question is, will the Cubs pull out all the stops and claim game six as a victory?

The pitching startup for next two games

The Chicago Cubs fans are hopeful that their team will redeem themselves and make a comeback, even though it will not be on their own playing field. It has been a great series thus far, but if the Cubs want to move on to game seven, they will need deeper determination, skill and a plan.

As game six starts, 2015 National League Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta will be on the mound for the Cubs, doing his magic. Josh Tomlin will be pitching for the Indians. Game seven pitchers will be Kyle Hendricks versus Corey Kluber. The word is that Kluber is a tough one to beat!

The offense comes to life for the Cubs

After what seemed to be doomsday for the fans, the Cubs proved that the World Series is not over yet. The team came back with a win in Game five before getting back on the road to Progressive Field for game six and seven. Being back on their home ground can place the odds in the Indian’s favor. The pressure is on for the Cubs, needing more from their offense. Arrieta does have the skill, confidence, and experience necessary to pit a great game against the Indians and shut down such a brilliant Cleveland lineup.

After so many years of waiting, Cubs fans are still confident their team will make history. After a tough game five, they truly believe they will win. They were heard chanting on Sunday night, “Cubs in Seven,” feeling that the team will be come from behind and claim victory in games six and seven. If the Cubs really want this, 2016 could be the year of miracles.

The pressure is on for the Cubs while the Indians have the hometown advantage. If the Indians win game six, they will be champions, but if the Cubs claim victory, the series goes to game seven where winner takes all. Predictions from the pros are for the Indians winning the World Series, relying on the right arm of their star pitcher Kluber.

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