The Dallas Cowboys holds 8-1 record, remaining at the first place in the NFC East, thanks to the success of the squad led by rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and rising star Ezekiel Elliott. Due to team's success, ticket prices for a game day against the divisional rival Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving have skyrocketed, according to Fox Business.

Average ticket prices for NFL games on Thanksgiving

The secondary market ticket SeatGeek unveiled that average ticket price for Thursday game between the Cowboys and the Redskins at AT&T stadium is $289, making it the second-highest ticket price the company has witnessed for an NFL game on Thanksgiving since 2010.

The tickets for the last year's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving were the most high-priced ticket ever sold to fans, with an average of $389.

"This is the hottest Cowboys home Thanksgiving game we have seen," a content analyst of the SeatGeek Chris Leyden said. "Demand for this game has gone way up since the start of the season. The median listing price is up 70% from where it was on the first day of the season."

Tickets for other NFL games on Thanksgiving can be purchased at cheaper prices. The average price for the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium is $171.The Detroit Lions, who will play the Minnesota Vikings at the Ford Field, sold tickets with an average price of $153.

Business success starts with Cowboys even before winning streak takes place

The Cowboys' flourishing business success comes from a hot winning streak, which enahnces the sales of ticket and jersey steadily.

However, even before the season began, the Cowboys, known as the America's team, had been listed as one of the first-rate tickets in the league.

The TickPick reported that franchise's ticket sales had been increased by 45 percent. Moreover, the team had dominated among NFL teams in jersey sales past summer.

As a winning streak takes places, the NFL's website Fanatics has four Cowboys players listed in the top 15 in jersey sales this season. The league's website has placed Elliott and Prescott at the No.

1 and No. 2, while wide receiver Dez Bryant listed at No. 11, and tight end Jason Witten listed at No. 14.

According to Forbes, which studies the valuation of NFL franchises annually, the Cowboys is worth $4.2 billion, making it as one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. The Cowboys, which is possessed by Jerry Jones since 1989, have monopolized the bill of NFL's most profitable clubs for 10 years in a row.

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