Conor McGregor is the biggest international combat athlete of all-time. He just broke the gate record at Madison Square Garden last weekend at UFC 205. The UFC is forever indebted to McGregor. Floyd Mayweather is undefeated in the sport of boxing, becoming one of the richest athletes ever in the process. The last thing Mayweather wants is a loss on his immaculate record, granted 50-0 has a nice ring to it. Something tells me Conor McGregor's rising popularity, along with his boisterous personality will force Mayweather out of retirement and back in the boxing ring. This time around, I am not so sure Mayweather leaves without a dent in his record.

Mayweather's message for Connor McGregor

Last week, Floyd Mayweather did not mince his words when talking about a potential fight with McGregor. TMZ Sports caught up to Mayweather as he was strolling through New York City. He was quoted as saying, "Has he [McGregor] ever made $300 million in one night? Has he ever made $100 million in one night? Has he ever made $70 in one night?" Mayweather also went on to say "But never compare Conor McGregor to me. It's a total disrespect. Once again, I'm an elephant. An elephant don't beef with ants. Elephant is so large, he don't even see ants."

Conor McGregor's retort to Mayweather

Conor McGregor is single-handedly changing the UFC. Not only does his pre-fight antics bring in massive rating upticks but he backs up his words fight after fight.

The guy is simply amazing to watch and has cleaned house in the UFC. McGregor riles up so much emotional tension before the fight, then competes with calmness. McGregor continuously devours his opponents without the sense of rage he previously instilled in his opponents. In response to Mayweather's comments, McGregor said in a video obtained by TMZ Sports: "Tell Floyd and Showtime, I'm coming.

Tell him to go to them Showtime offices. I want $100 million cash to fight you under boxing rules cause he's afraid of a real fight".

So it begins, the back and forth could go on for a long time. Ultimately, the two sides will need to come to an agreement. If and when they do, be prepared for the biggest combat event of all-time, a clash for the ages between two of the biggest stars in combat sports history.

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