Monday Night Raw from Charlotte, NC opened up this week with an episode of "the Highlight Reel." For the second week in a row, Chris Jericho's guest was his best friend and Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. As is frequently the case, Owens and Jericho spent their promo time speaking fondly of one another, as well as the friendship they share. As the segment continued, however, dissension between the two ultimately bubbled to the surface. The personal conflict amongst friends led to Chris Jericho leaving the building. There is more speculation now than ever that a split between the two is imminent.

Dissension between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho have teased splitting up "Team Kevin and Chris" multiple times before this.

The night after "Survivor Series," the two characters pretended to almost blame each other for Team RAW's loss, only to unite again at the end of the segment. Jericho would help Owens retain his title later in the main event against Rollins. This week, Jericho felt insulted at Owens telling him to "shut up" during "the Highlight Reel" and looked to be leaving Owens on his own to face Reigns. Jericho would end up taking a pedigree from Seth Rollins on the roof of a car before he could leave, but that's another story.

The last time we saw either of them, Owens was expressing concern for Jericho's well-being, however, indicating that perhaps their friendship isn't over quite yet.

While normally such dissension shown on Raw between teammates is a tell-tale sign that a breakup is not far off, that might not be true in this case. Chris Jericho is known to like to spice things up a bit, and being part of a team that hints at breaking up, but never actually does, sounds exactly like the kind of thing Jericho would enjoy doing.

It isn't necessarily up to Jericho, however.

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 33

One possibility is that Owens and Jericho split up in time to face each other at WrestleMania 33. For that to happen, Owens would have to lose the Universal Championship beforehand. In fact, it will most likely be Owens losing the championship that leads to the split between the two.

Possible scenarios for Owens dropping the belt include to Reigns at the December PPV, or possibly to a returning Finn Balor at the Royal Rumble.

Another possibility is that the Jericho and Owens split occurs at WrestleMania, possibly after Jericho costs Owens his championship. And still yet a 3rd possibility would be Owens and Jericho splitting up the night after WrestleMania, which tends to be a popular show for major storyline developments to occur.

If we are to see Owens and Jericho wrestle each other at WrestleMania though, we should find out soon.

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