The Chicago Cubs have responded toadversity multiple times in the 2016 MLB playoffs already. In the divisional round, Chicago looked as though they were going to squander a 2-0 lead in the series against San Francisco before they mounted an impressive game-four comeback to close out that series without having to play a deciding game five. In the NLCS, the Cubs were down 2-1 to Los Angeles before turning that series around as well. Now in the World Series, after finding themselves on the brink of elimination, Chicago answered the call again on Sunday, defeating Cleveland to force a game six. It's a game where Chicago's ability to perform in the clutch will once again be put to the test as they must win to keep their hopes of winning the World Series alive.

Jake Arrieta heads to the mound

On Tuesday night the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will face one another in what could be the last game of the 2016 MLB season. The Indians look to end a lengthy World Series title drought, one that would painfully extend the Cubs' much lengthier drought. However, it is Chicago that sends out the more-proven pitcher in game six. Jake Arrieta is the team's probable starter as he goes against Josh Tomlin in what will be the biggest starts of either pitcher's career. After all, it hardly gets any bigger than game six of the Fall Classic.

Betting odds favor the Chicago Cubs

In no small part due to the pitching match-up, the Chicago Cubs enter game six as favorites despite the fact that they play on the road.

Bet365 sportsbook for instance, makes the Cubs -160 to win game six. Those are odds that imply that Chicago has an 8 in 13 chance of winning what would then be the penultimate game of the season.

Besides the pitching match-up, Chicago's chances seem optimistic based on road victories through the playoffs and the regular season.

The Cubs won a game at Progressive Field earlier in the series as they took game two away from Cleveland several days ago now. Furthermore, the Cubs won games four and five of the NLCS on the road. Further back Chicago also won game four in the divisional series as visitors.

Most players, at the end of their career, will be able to count on one hand how many November games they played in.

If Chicago can win game six, one that starts at 8pm ET on Tuesday, then game seven is the following night with the same start time. That game would also come from Cleveland as the Indians are the representatives of the the American League, the league that won the All Star game back in the summer.

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