Last night, the Cubs flew the 'W' in a 9-3 route of the Cleveland Indians to force game 7 tonight. The Chicago Cubs bats came alive last night during the first three innings, exploding for seven runs. With six of those runs off the bat of Cubs shortstop, Addison Russell. Cubs ace, Jake Arrieta, stifled Cleveland hitters going 5 2/3 innings, striking out nine, and conceding two runs on three hits. The Cubs added two more runs in the ninth to all but secure the victory and to force the final game 7 of the World Series.

A date with history

Both ball clubs have been championship deprived. For the Cubs, its been 108 years since they've won the World Series.

For the Indians, it's been since 1948.There's a lot that has happened in that time frame; two World Wars, the birth of the auto industry, FDR elected four times, the atomic bomb, the "Red Scare," the Kennedy Assassination, man walked on the moon, the Vietnam War, the fall of commuism, Y2K, the World Trade Center, etc.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have a chance to erase the "Curse of the Billy Goat" that was placed on the club during the 1945 World Series against the Detroit Tigers by William Sianis. He brought the goat to the game and the smell was so bad that he was asked to leave the game. Upon his departure, he allegedly said, "Them Cubs, they won't win no more." And boom, the curse was put into place.Its been a long 108 years for the north side of Chicago, and in game seven, they hold their own destiny in their hands.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland has been the eyesore of Ohio and the laughing stock of the country for a while, yet since the return of Lebron James, the city of Cleveland has become sort of an overnight sensation. This past summer, the Cavaliers became world champions in basketball and the Indians are looking to do the same thing in baseball.

Thus making Cleveland champions in both sports. A feat that hasn't been accomplished since 2009 whenthe Penguins and the Steelers won championships in their respective sports.

With the series coming to an end, the Cubs and the Indians have given us the series we had hoped it would be. Two championship hungry teams battling it out until the bitter end.

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