Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have every single Bears fan frustrated. The Bears were absolutely dominated and lost 36-10. A large part of the blame can be placed on Jay Cutler, who threw two absolutely terrible interceptions during the game. Add two fumbles to that total and you have a recipe for a massive disaster. That's exactly what happened to the Bears in week 10 and it only magnified the obvious quarterback problems of the team.

Jay Cutler is Not the Answer.

Cutler's career has been defined by two groups of people: supporters and haters. It almost seems like there is no middle ground.

Either you like Jay Cutler and see him as a decent quarterback or you see him as a turnover machine incapable of actually producing results. In today's game Cutler was definitely the latter. The Bears no longer have to worry about Cutler's contract and can cut ties with him at the end of the season. But what's the next move from here?

A First Round Quarterback.

The Bears are sitting at 2-7 right now and will likely hold a very high draft pick this season. That puts the team in prime position to finally select a quarterback that the team can build around. A failure to select a quarterback in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft would be a huge mistake. The crop of college quarterbacks that will declare is good enough to warrant the high pick that will be spent on one.

The Bears will likely be choosing between DeShone Kizer and Mitch Trubisky, and DeShaun Watson. A lot of their selection will be dependent on where Cleveland and the 49ers are in the draft selection. Those two teams will also likely be looking for quarterbacks in the 2017 draft. Because both teams are currently ahead of Chicago in the draft order, the Bears could already have their decision made for them by the time they pick.

They better not make a mistake.

What Happens if the Bears Don't Select One?

Is any Chicago Bears fan really O.K. with more of Jay Cutler and Brian Hoyer? It's time for a change and the draft is the perfect place to seek one. Waiting for too long in the draft will result in a quarterback with weaker talent and more of the same mediocrity in 2017.

John Fox and the Bears better not slip up and should smartly select a quarterback when the 2017 NFL draft rolls around.

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