That was exhilarating. After a disastrous first half, the Bills still managed to be down only one point thanks to the efforts of Bills special teams and LeSean McCoy. In the second half, the offense turned on the jets, scoring 22 more points to secure the victory. One of those touchdowns came on the longest run of LeSean McCoy's career after a crazy good jump cut froze both defenders. Later touchdowns were scored by Tyrod Taylor and Justin Hunter. LeSean McCoy sealed the Bills victory with a late run for a touchdown. But one of the funnier side stories to the game was Jacksonville's offensive line coach, Doug Marrone.

Doug Marrone's Disappointment.

It's no secret that Bills fans don't like Doug Marrone. When you walk out of a contract after a 9-7 season, the people of Buffalo will do that to you. Even Rex Ryan couldn't hide his disdain for the man who chose to leave Buffalo. And it's therefore no surprise that plenty of fans have been trolling Doug Marrone leading up to the game. Even the Buffalo News published a piece on Marrone's tendency to punt in opponent territory when it wasn't warranted.

Twitter Trolls Doug Marrone.

But there might not be a better troll out there than Buffalo Bills writer Joe Buscaglia, who had his own take on the punting problem.

Bills fans were likely glad to see Rex Ryan go for it on fourth down at the end of the first half, a move Doug Marrone probably wouldn't have even considered.

Another risky play came when the Bills went for 2 in the fourth quarter and succeeded, a move that probably would have made Marrone wet his pants.

But the Bills were rewarded for their risky decisions with a win.

And Rex Ryan and Buffalo fans were only too happy to see Marrone looking like this by the end of the game.

Where does Joe find all of these pictures? He even took a jab at the Bills for their decision to try and use E.J. Manuel on a hard snap count, but guess who was prominently featured in the picture?

The decision to use a timeout on the play could have easily backfired, but didn't hurt the Bills in the end. Instead, the Bills sit at 6-5 and will try to prove Mike Rodak wrong by inserting themselves into the playoff picture with even more wins.

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