The Buffalo Bills have the NFL's longest playoff drought and it certainly looks like it's about to get even longer. The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs both won their games to improve to 7-3 and 7-2 respectively. That's bad news for a Bills team that needed all the help it could get in week 10 of the NFL season. But why were these results so bad exactly?

Dominance of the AFC West.

The AFC West could easily be considered the best division in Football right now. The Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos all have seven wins and are in great position for the playoffs right now. And the playoff picture has all three teams in the playoffs currently.

It's really hard to envision a future in which all three of these teams don't make the playoffs, especially when the next closest team has just five wins and is sitting close to .500.

Some of these teams will play each other and give each other losses, but they all still have the potential to go 10-6. If that happens, there's a slim chance that a team like the Buffalo Bills could make the playoffs unless they somehow manage to win every game and go 11-5. Even if they do, the Bills could still miss out on a playoff spot thanks to another factor.

Buffalo Bills Poor AFC Conference Record.

The Bills have a 1-4 record against their AFC opponents this season, something that would work heavily against them in any tiebreaker situations.

It's hard to see the Bills making the playoffs unless they are actually ahead of these teams in the standings, which just got a lot harder after today. The Broncos, Chiefs, and Raiders are the teams that will be standing in the way not just for the Bills but every AFC team.

Other teams in the playoff race include the Titans, Steelers, and Ravens, who all have records better than that of the Buffalo Bills.

The fans have been waiting for a long time to see a playoff team but even the most optimistic fan would have to admit at this point that the chances of a playoff appearance in 2016 are slim. It's sad to say as a Bills fan, but the drought will almost definitely continue this year.

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