When you are involved in sports, you don't really have control over what people select as your nickname. That can be a bad thing as tennis player Alexandr Dolgopolov didn't really like his nickname at an earlier point in his career (ie. "The Dog"). Furthermore, I'm sure Alex Rodriguez isn't exactly crazy about going by the nickname of A-Roids. However, when other people are selecting your nickname for you at least if you get called one that's already been taken you aren't the one to blame for a lack of creativity.

The Swiss Maestro and Maestro McDavid

Roger Federer, who recently participated in the #MannequinChallenge, has long been referred to as "The Swiss Maestro," a nickname that reflects his Switzerland origins and his mastery of the game of tennis.

The all-time leader in Grand Slam tournament wins is constantly placing high on lists that mention the best players of all-time for his spot. It's too early for Connor McDavid to be mentioned on similar lists, however the 19-year old certainly is dazzling on the ice. His talent has been presumed to be similar to the likes of Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Lemieux. So far in the 2016/17 NHL season, McDavid has lived up to the billing as he entered Friday as the leader for points in the NHL.

It appears as though he's going to have a similar nickname bestowed on him as Roger Federer. The 19-year old hockey sensation, who plays with the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL, has been called "Maestro McDavid." It's an alliterative nickname that promises to increase in usage as his fame increases.

Edmonton Journal writer used nickname Friday

I don't know when McDavid was first called the nickname, however I only first noticed it myself in a November 25th article from David Staples of The Edmonton Journal: "Maestro McDavid leading Edmonton Oilers attack to new heights." In the article Staples says that McDavid is "the maestro of a strong new attacking club." The Edmonton Journal writer further suggests that a 100-point season is not out of reach for the 2nd year man.

Additional to that, I think the Oilers are certainly bound for the playoffs as I cannot picture them as a bottom-half team any longer.

When I do a search on Google with "Maestro McDavid" in quotes, I only get ten search results at this point. I'm thinking the nickname is fairly new and perhaps it won't catch on.

However, if it does then McDavid will share a nickname with a person considered the best of all-time in tennis by many.

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