In the early stages of 2016, few people saw what was about to happen on the ATP Tour. A dominant Djokovic in the first half of the season was the perfect reason not to expect to some surprises. But once the Serb lost his pace and Murray gathered momentum things changed dramatically with an astonishing outcome last week when the Scotsman grabbed the first spot in the ranking for the first time in his career.

Andy Murray, the first British player who climbed to the summit of the ATP Tour needs one more display of power in what is going to be a hellish contest in London.

Murray will face fierce opposition

The ATP Finals in London is the last representation on the men`s Tennis circuit in 2016. While Djokovic had an apparently lucky draw by being in the same group with Dominic Thiem, Gael Monfils and Milos Raonic, the world no. 1. Andy Murray, was designated as part of a tough arrangement being in the same pot with Stan Wawrinka, Key Nishikori, and Marin Cilic.

Tomorrow, it`ll be Djokovic starting the action at the O2 Arena in London by facing the young Austrian star Dominic Thiem. Murray is set to play Monday and will face Marin Cilic, the one who took down Djokovic in Paris.

When it comes to this particular ATP event, Andy Murray can`t brag with much as he never made it to the final.

But this time, the incentives are quite different as the Scotsman needs to put in great tennis if he wants to end the year as the world no.1.

Murray has some leverage

There is no coincidence that Murray reached his peak once he renewed the partnership with Ivan Lendl. The former tennis champion has been in Murray`s corner for every major success.

During their first partnership back in 2012, Murray won his first major titles and the first gold medal at the Olympics. It seems that Lendl knows exactly how to adjust the wheels in Murray`s mind in order to keep him on the right path.

In tennis like any sports, the crowd is a factor that might give some leverage.

With Andy Murray playing on his own soil in London he can hope to get great support from the crowd. After all, he is the first Britain in history who got it so far in men`s tennis.

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