Twelve Americans went to the polls Nov. 2 to begin the process to courante America’s next king. The College Football Playoff Selection Committee shocked many by selecting two Southeastern Conference teams, but leaving undefeated Washington (8-0) out of the picture. Unlike most early voters, these folks will have several chances to change their minds before determining who plays where in bowl season.

The move to oust the Huskies makes perfect sense when scheduling is considered because Washington has a powderpuff schedule. Jeff Sagarin rated Washington’s strength of schedule at 69th this year. The only Top 25 team the Huskies have beaten is No.

16 Utah. They’ve only beaten two teams with records better than .500. The fact is Oregon and Stanford’s subpar seasons have hurt Washington’s playoff picture.

The SEC is too strong

The big surprise of the committee was placing SEC’s Texas A&M as the fourth seed. The Aggies are 7-1 having only lost to top-ranked Alabama. The SEC competition includes the likes of Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee – all of whom are or have been ranked in the Top 25 this year. There ain’t no powderpuffs here. Joining A&M in playoff picture is defending national champion Alabama.

Michigan must win out

The other two spots went to undefeated teams from major conferences. Michigan is 8-0 but their only test was a 14-7 win over Wisconsin.

The Wolverines too have an easy schedule ranking just 49th on Sagarin’s list. Big Blue plays at Ohio State Nov. 26. A victory in Columbus and the Big Ten title will earn Michigan a title shot. Clemson hasn’t had the toughest schedule, but the Tigers have passed tests against Louisville, Auburn and Florida State.

Do the Broncos have it?

The playoff picture could get most interesting with a Group of Fiveconferences team guaranteed a spot in one of the major bowls. Western Michigan (8-0) was one spot ahead of Boise State (7-1) in the race. Suppose Houston wins out and finishes 10-2. That would include a win over Louisville Nov.

17. Given the Cougars have already beaten Oklahoma, could Houston get the shot at the major bowl even if Western Michigan is undefeated but played an easy schedule?

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