Aaron Rodgers threw for over 300 yards on Monday night as his Green Bay Packers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-13. The result was a little surprising as the Packers were just 1-4 on the road heading into the game while the Philadelphia Eagles were 4-0 as hosts. However, the result is final and it changes the complexion of the NFL playoff picture for the better for the Green Bay Packers.

Week 12 win injects life into playoff hunt

They still have plenty of work to do, but Green Bay improved to 5-6 with the win. There are a trio of NFC teams with six wins following Week-12 action, including the Washington Redskins (6-4-1), the Minnesota Vikings (6-5), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5).

Furthermore, Green Bay are actually behind the New Orleans Saints right now, a 5-6 team that sit 9th in the NFC by virtue of tiebreakers. If the playoffs started today, it would be the Redskins and the New York Giants (8-3) that would get the two Wild Cards in the NFC.

It seems that Green Bay will need to target surpassing those teams for the second Wild Card spot to make the playoffs. After all, thoughts of the divisional title in the NFC North are far-fetched ones at this point as the Detroit Lions are playing well. They enter Week 13 at 7-4, meaning a lot would have to go right for Green Bay to overtake them.

GB Packers' hopes for NFC post-season

When looking at the Packers' remaining schedule, things don't look great.

Their remaining opponents are the Houston Texans (6-5), the Seattle Seahawks (7-3-1), the Chicago Bears (2-9), the Minnesota Vikings (6-5), and the Detroit Lions (7-4). The away games in that group of five are ones at Chicago and at Detroit.

Certainly the home game upcoming against Houston is one that the Packers can target for a win.

Furthermore, even on the road the Packers should be able to defeat the 2-9 Chicago Bears. The other three games may prove tricky, however at least Minnesota aren't a great team when visiting. If you presume a 3-2 record from here on out for the Packers, you have to think that it won't be good enough.

That would leave them 8-8 and unlikely to make it into the post-season. I think 9-7 is the point where they can entertain some serious hopes of getting the second Wild Card spot while 10-6, which would require running the tables, the record they need to really give themselves a realistic chance.

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