Game 7 of the World Series 2016 kicks off tonight and the MLB winning team of this game will emerge as the champions. While the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will take to the field as opposing teams, there's Red Sox DNA weaved throughout the 2016 World Series for each MLB team.

A sprinkling of Boston's DNA

The 2016 World Series has a Boston Red Sox connection, writes CBS Sports, and not just among its players, this link goes right into the front office and managing of the MLB teams. Theo Epstein, who is the Cubs' president shares a Red Sox history together with Terry Francona, the manager of the Cleveland Indians.The Indians' dugout, the Cubs' front office and the roster of both teams have former Boston team members playing in and overseeing these championship games.

The big game

Epstein and Francona were with the Bostonteamwhen the team emerged winners of not just one, but two World Series, in the years 2004 and 2007! Epstein had the general manager title and then the title of executive vice president was also added to his name. Francona was hired by Epstein for manager of the Red Sox, and he sat in the dugout as Bostonbecame a championship winning team.

Opposing teams

Today with Epstein as president of the Chicago Cubs and Francona the manager of the Cleveland Indians, they have sat on opposite sides of the 2016 World Series for the last six games. What will tonight's seventh and final game bring for these two gentlemen? Who will walk away the winner, the Cubs or the Indians?

Front office, dugout, and roster

Epstein's has his three top Red Sox "lieutenants" with him on the Cubs team. They are Jed Hoyner, Jared Porter and Jason McLeod, according to The Ringer. McLeod sidelined a promotion elsewhere to stay with Epstein and the Cubs, which speaks volumes to the relationship that these guys share.

While that might be enough Red Sox DNAfound in a World Series that the Red Sox aren't even playing in, it goes further. The starting pitchers for the Cubs, Jon Lester and John Lackey are former Red Sox players. The Indians also have the Red Sox DNA on their field with Mike Napoli, Coco Crisp and Andrew Miller, who are also former players for the Boston team.

Winner of tonight's game?

There are so many links in the World Series this year to the Boston Red Soxs that the Ringer News titled their article about the series, "The World Series Boston Built." If you don't want to give them credit for building the team, you at least have to admit there's plenty of Red Sox influence!

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