When the WWE Universe is talking about Hell in a Cell, no single WWE Superstar comes to mind faster than The Undertaker. The Dead Man was a part of the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match in 1997, and he was a part of the last two HIAC Matches in 2015 and 2016. As the competitors from WWE Monday Night Raw prepare for theHIACPPV, there's no doubt The Undertaker's experience inside the ominous steel structure will be viewed on the WWE Network time and time again.

What follows is a look at The Undertaker's history inside HIACand the predictions that can be made aboutWWE Hell in a Cell 2016 based on The Phenom's track record.

Win-loss record inside the Hell in a Cell

With a total of fourteen appearances, no one has spent more time inside the Hell in a Cell structure than Mark Calaway. His overall record of8-6 should be a clear indicator that even a living legend like The Undertaker is far from a sure-thing when it comes to HIAC Matches. He's experienced the Cell with a variety of stipulations attached, including a Tornado Tag Team Match, a Six-Man Match, a special guest referee and all sorts of title implications. The only man to face Taker inside HIAC in singles action more than once was Brock Lesnar, who defeated the Dead Man both times, for the WWE Championship atNo Mercy in 2002 and in a grudge match two years ago at the HIACPPV.

Hell in a Celltitle matches

While all three Hell in a Cell Matches at this year's event will be for a title, just over one-third of Undertaker's HIAC battles were for a gold strap. And putting the title on the line tended to make things more difficult for Taker, as he only left with the title on one occasion.

Coincidentally, Undertaker never defended a title inside the Cell; he challenged the current champ in every instance. In the Six-Man Match atArmageddon in 2000, Kurt Angle pinned The Rock to retain the WWF Championship. Lesnar successfully defended the same title in 2002. In 2007, Batista retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Taker, who took the same title from CM Punk in 2009.

When he challenge Kane for the same title one year later, the Big Red Demon retained.

Worthy competition from Hell in a Cell Matches

Of the fourteen matches featuring The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, his least-impressive opponents include Rikishi and Big Boss Man. He's defeated Mick Foley, Randy Orton, Edge, CM Punk, Triple H and Shane McMahon, while putting over Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Batista and Kane. He also faced three of the industry's biggest names of all time as part of the Six-Man Match, including Steve Austin, The Rock and Kurt Angle.

Predictions for Hell in a Cell2016

In all likelihood, it will beKevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins that closes out this year'sHell in a Cell PPV event.

With KO still coming into his own as champion, and The Architect getting over just fine without the strap, the Undertaker's history of rarely seeing a world title change inside HIAC will likely remain true when it comes to the first-ever WWE Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match.

Of course,Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship is getting a lot of attention, making history as the first-ever HIACMatch featuring female competitors. AndRoman Reigns defends the US Title againstRusev. While it doesn't seem likely that Rusev will leaveHell in a Cell as a champion, Charlotte's impressive record in PPV title matches— along with the way the title has bounced back-and-forth between these two so far— makes Sasha Banks the most likely candidate for losing her title inside HIAC at this year's event.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016will air live via the WWE Network on Sunday, October 30. The Hell in a Cell Kick-Off Show begins at 7/6c, while the main show begins at 8/7c. Viewers who can't watch the show as it airs live from the TD Garden in Boston can stream the entire Backlashevent on-demand with the WWE Network.

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