Interesting series in the making

The World Series matchup this year is truly special. Both of these teams have not won a World Series in 176 years combined. In fact these franchises have the two longest championship droughts in baseball. Coming into this series, Cleveland has lost only once in the postseason, thus far.The Chicago Cubs are still riding an emotional roller coaster,as they are making their first appearance in the Fall Classic, since 1945. No one should doubt that this will be an interesting series, perhaps stretching to six or even seven games. The Cubs, however, have to step up and perform better than they did last night, if they want to have a chance in this series.

Corey Kluber, the Indians' aceput on a show at Progressive Field, in game 1. Kluber struck out eight of the first eleven batters he faced.Cleveland won the first match up, in convincing fashion, 6-0.

Picking up from where he left off

On a positive side note for the Chicago Cubs, Kyle Schwarber came back into the lineup for the first time since April 7. He suffered a torn ACL, in a collision, at the beginning of the season. Surely many were surprised to see him hit a long double off the wall. Before the game, Pete Rose predicted that the catcher would not get a single hit. Schwarber had other ideas about Rose's prediction.That hit was a good sign for the future of this young team.

What this series means for these two cities and franchises

Before the Cleveland Cavaliers triumphed in the 2016 NBA Finals, the city of Cleveland was a nightmare for local sports fans. Cleveland'sdrought lasted for 52 years, with the Browns victory in the 1964 NFL championship game. Now the Indians have an opportunity to add to the glory and continue the celebration.Two titles in the same year would seem unbelievable after a half of acentury drought.

On the other side, Chicago has been the more successful sports city, with the Blackhawks winning three Stanley Cups in six years. Who can forget about the success of the Bulls in the 1990s or even the White Sox,who won a World Series in 2005. A Cubs triumph in this Fall Classic would be tremendous, not just for baseball or the city of Chicagobut a winfor sports in general.

A team that has been often associated with losing, can erase all of the constant reminders of Steve Bartman or the Curse of the Billy Goat, with four more wins. In the end I think the Cubs will win the series in six games. Considering the history of these two franchises, this could turn out to be an unforgettable World Series.

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