The Chicago Cubs haven’t been in the World Series since 1945. They haven’t won the pennant since 1908 and Cleveland last received its title in 1948. The 2016 World Series began at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. Game one proved to be entertaining, keeping fans cheering and sitting at the edge of their seats.

Team scheduling for the World Series 2016

Starting pitchers for game one was Corey Kluber for Cleveland and Jon Lester for the Chicago Cubs. The teams’ schedule is as follows:

  • Game 1, Tuesday, October 25th in Cleveland, 8 pm
  • Game 2, Wednesday, October 26th in Cleveland, 8 pm
  • Game 3, Friday, October 28th in Chicago, 8 pm
  • Game 4, Saturday, October 29th in Chicago, 8 pm
  • Game 5 if needed, Sunday, October 30th in Chicago, 8 pm
  • Game 6 if needed, Tuesday, November 1st in Cleveland, 8 pm
  • Game 7 if needed, Wednesday, November 2nd in Cleveland, 8 pm

Interesting facts and predictions for World Series 2016

The Chicago Cubs last played in the World Series in 1945, and two years prior Jackie Robinson played for the team, breaking the color barrier.

Dexter Fowler, one of the Cubs great black players, lead the game at Cleveland’s Progressive Field against the Indians on Tuesday. Before the game, players engaged in batting practice to ease the nerves and stress, including Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber.

Many believe that the Chicago Cubs are forerunners to take the title because of the amazing year they had. Even their opposing team, the Cleveland Indians feel that the Cubs clearly deserve to be the highlight of the season after all these years. Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona was noted as saying that the Cubs won 103 games and people everywhere like them, make them a precursor to winning. He stated that the Indians are content with where they are and their accomplishments.

If they win, their city will go “bananas.”

World Series 2016 is entirely unpredictable and supported by loyal sports fans who believe in their team. It is no doubt a great honor to be a part of the World Series and win the pennant, but if the Chicago Cubs take the win as predicted, 2016 will be another year in history in sports.

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