The Wolverhampton Wanderers have barely tallied any points over the last several weeks of Football in England's CHampionship League. Since defeating Brentford back on September 24th, Wolverhampton have gone six matches without taking down the full three points. During that span, they have just two ties meaning they have just two points in the standings over the last five weeks.

Wolverhampton not beating the weak teams

Nothing hints at a decline into relegation position like not beating the teams that currently sit near the bottom. A couple of the teams that Wolverhampton have struggled against are not ones that have great resumes on the season.

Wolverhampton lost to Wigan Athletic 2-1 on September 27th, a team currently sitting 22nd in the 24-team Championship League. Furthermore, Wolverhampton managed just a tie against the Blackburn Rovers in a game that was played over this past weekend. Blackburn are the 23rd team in the current standings. Over the last six weeks of Championship League play there is no one with worse form than Wolverhampton with one exception, last-placed Rotherham.

Betting odds on Wolverhampton to be relegated

Accordingly, Wolverhampton have to be a considered a relegation risk. Three teams are relegated from Championship League, which is just below the Premier League, leaving plenty of room for the Wanderers to drop down to even if Rotherdam is destined to occupy one spot.

Blackburn and Wigan certainly have more recent life at the bottom of the league than what Wolverhampton have toward the middle. Furthermore, the Wanderers have pretty long odds for relegation despite their poor form of late.

Paddy Power sportsbook offer 22/1 on Wolverhampton for relegation, odds that can't be considered to be a reflection of the existing situation.

They aren't quite in a free fall at the moment, but a team that is currently 17th, that has no momentum, and that isn't beating the teams currently in relegation position isn't a longshot to be relegated themselves.

There are still more 30 weeks to go in the season and Wolverhampton have upcoming November matches in Championship against Derby County, Preston, and Sheffield.

That's a stretch of matches that doesn't feature an elite team, but Wolverhampton haven't been beating the weak ones of late. They might only pick up one or two points of nine in those games, meaning that 22/1 could be history soon.

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