With the upcoming 2016-2017 college basketball season the consensus favorite this year is the duke University Blue Devilsled by Coach K and maybe his most talented team yet. They open at 4/1 odds to win the big dance this year. Grayson Allen returns for another year after an All-Americansophomore season and sharpshooter Luke Kennard will be back after a standout freshman season. Matt Jones and Emile Jefferson are some of the better players in the ACC and Duke missed themdearly when they were bothdown with injuries last season. Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles come in as a fewof the top rated freshman in the country.

Christian Laettner stomping

This Duke team is nothing to mess around with and their long history of producing winning seasons doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. That success isn't always achieved in the right way and that's why you should hate this basketball team. Coach K and Duke teams have had a history of dirty play and might I say have favorable officiating in their favor. This is not just a recent trend with Grayson Allen tripping players twice last year on purpose but also back to when the most hated Dukie of all, Christian Laettner stomped on Kentucky's Aminu Timberlake and only led to a technical. I think that if a player of Michigan's Fab Five during that era pulled a stunt like that they would have been ejected but with a Duke player the result was otherwise.

Grayson Allen tripping

Grayson Allen seems to have learned from Laettner and has tripped players not once but twice and the first of the incidents that occurred against a Florida State player went uncalled. Many called for the suspension of Grayson Allen but Coach K defended his player and claimed that he did nothing wrong and fansoverreacted.

He is a legend in the game of college basketball and he has the most profound influence on officials than any other coach in any sport. Thousands of wins earns you respect among all people, even refs, and if you sit back and watch a Duke game you'll see that in the officiating more often than not. Coach K believes in playing defense without fouling and more often than not you'll see a large disparity in fouls between Duke and teams that they play against.

I think there's no coincidence here and that rather the aura of Coach K and Duke gives them an advantage in games with referees.

One and Done Strategy

Another reason to hate Duke is that for so long they emphasize education and that all of their players are getting the full college experience. Coach K has changed his recruiting pitch entirely and is now starting to recruit freshman and one and done type of players in order to win games. Coach K wins with freshman scoring all of his points in this era but if UK and John Calipari do that people say that they're ruining college basketball. This double standard that Duke is immune to all of the criticism that Kentucky gets is absolutely blasphemous.

The history and tradition of the Blue Devils blinds many in the general public from the truth. This year Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles are both first round NBA talents and I don't expect them to stay for more than one year. They will take the same route that Duke star Brandon Ingram did last year -barring any serious injuries to these highly talented freshman. Giles' future is no longer as clear because of knee surgery that will have him sidelined for 6-8 weeks.

Coach K the Hypocrite

An incident last year showed just how classy the Blue Devils are when Coach K proceeded to lie about what he told Dillon Brooks, a player on Oregon, after a Duke loss to them in the NCAA tourney. Brooks said that Coach K told him he's "too good of a player" to be showing off at the end of a game.

Coach K vehemently denied ever saying that even though there is clear video evidence of it.Duke is a legitimate contender almost every year to win the national title but their culture needs to change. Otherwise I see no reason for people not to continue hating on Duke.

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